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I would recommend Aubs as a fitness and conditioning coach to anybody. Not only does he understand the science of fitness and strength, but he also has lived the endurance and mental conditioning of fighting at international level. I have trained with Aubs for quite some time and can only say that, without injury, I have lost 2 score and more while building a bikini-fit body. I am fitter, stronger, and healthier than I have ever been. It is an investment in my well being which is well worth it. He is a uniquely professional fitness coach and also a jolly nice guy. Anybody who understands the benefits of regular training and fitness would invest in training with Aubs.

Karin Mathebula
Managing Executive: Product, Sales and Service Enablement, Absa at Absa
City of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Karin Mathebula.jpg
Dr Cynthia Da Silva Laureano

Aubrey's professionalism, his sense of humor, and his sense of candor make the gym feel like a home away from home. He has a natural way of helping people confront their insecurities in such a way that helps them to embrace their fitness goals with confidence. His morals ensure that he would never recommend any fitness advice before having tried it out himself. I am confident in recommending clients to Aubrey to help them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

Dr. Cynthia Da Silva Laureano
Psychology Consultant
Therapist and Lecturer
Esplugues de Llobregat, Catalonia, Spain

Aubrey is well researched in his field, he puts in a lot of effort in everything that he does and while he is working with you he provides clear explanations for the various movements and what muscles are being activated etc. He brings a really positive energy and is invested in getting the best results for his clients. He is also very practical and honest with his feedback and is always committed to work with you to set and achieve your goals. He's really professional, has a great sense of humour and always wants the best for his "Money team". I've enjoyed working with Aubrey.

Mutsa Mkondo

Commercial Manager Discovery (Exploration)

Mutsa Mkondo.jpg
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